Welcome to Tiberone Solutions

Tiberone has adopted BMC Software’s BSM blueprint and approach for delivering Business Service Management.

Fundamentally, the blueprint is designed to provide a constant linkage between business services and the IT resources that support the services. Enabling that linkage are three core disciplines: Service Support, Service Automation, and Service Assurance. These disciplines are integrated via BMC's unique integration architecture,
BMC Atrium.

Service Assurance is focused on measuring the availability and performance of resources, with the end goal of identifying and resolving problems before they are experienced by in users and impact the business.

Service Support enables IT to ensure that the quality of services that are delivered meets expectations, and provides a constant communication layer between IT and lines of business.

Service Automation helps IT organizations deliver services faster, more economically and with reduced risk by automating the provisioning of business services and the infrastructure that supports them.

BMC Atrium provides integration and common capabilities that accelerate implementation time and deepen the value that each BMC discipline has in the context of BSM. Atrium's unique approach incorporates both data level and process level integration, so that IT can speak a consistent language, and can design processes that can be repeated and automated.

For more information about how Tiberone can help you develop BSM solutions, please contact us.