Service Transformation

Being innovative and business-driven requires a major step forward in service management maturity. Simply having good structure, with rigorous control and process elements for effective service management is no longer enough.

IT Service Transformation is the practical way to enhance business benefit from IT and reduce proportionate costs. By embracing Service Transformation and taking all the steps toward BSM, Forrester estimates that companies can save as much as a third of their IT operations budget. As 76 percent of the IT budget goes to operations, firms that implement BSM can potentially save 25 percent of their overall IT budget.

Transformation to mature BSM through ITIL adoption requires the adoption of a series of core steps; Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operations and Continual Service Improvement. We have a proven track record in working with our clients to assist in the adoption of this best practice framework.

Tiberone has the BSM mission, ITIL credentials and Service Transformation experience coupled with focus and energy to guide you along this route and make the transformation to an exciting and challenging future

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