Service Automation

Business Service Automation is an opportunity for IT organizations to work closely and align business objectives such as compliance, security, cost reduction, and the delivery of innovative products that reduce time to market. Tiberone’s specialist knowledge of BMC’s IT business service automation enables IT and business executives to develop a better understanding of the impact of change on business services that support revenue-generating business processes.

As part of this transformational journey, Tiberone can assist IT and business leaders to consider business drivers such as compliance, globalization, and competition. Tiberone has a wealth of BMC Automation knowledge and can help you realize this transformation.

Enterprise IT organizations continue to mature skill sets and process standardization to improve IT’s alignment with meeting business objectives in the most productive, cost-efficient manner. To get started on Service Automation, IT organizations should analyse their automation needs in relation to core foundational disciplines and make the proper investment to establish a strong service delivery platform. The Tiberone team is able to perform all analysis tasks to give you a clear picture of how we can move forward.

Tiberone has an in depth understanding that managing IT business services requires automated IT processes such as change and configuration management, problem management and compliance assurance. The integration of change and configuration management into a service life cycle is necessary to drive tighter change controls that impact the need for highly available business services and speed up problem and incident management processes. We can guide you through the integration and implementation process to successful completion.

By adopting a Tiberone design service life-cycle perspective for management, IT organizations improve their opportunity to address business requirements and ensure superior service performance from an end-to-end perspective.

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