One Step Ahead

Education is much more than just showing a user how to click on a series of buttons. It’s about educating users on how they can drive the value out of the investment you have made in technology i.e. improving their workflow and efficiency by using their applications intelligently.

No matter your education needs, or budget, we can create a solution tailored to your specific goals. This could be a global or local solution, remote or face-to face training, general or targeted at increasing usage on specific functionality.

We will design the education around a specific role profile, a specific process or an application – whichever achieves your goals with the greatest speed and accuracy.

Our global presence and ability to speak a range of local languages means that the majority of your users can instantly feel comfortable with the application or process.

The cherry on our cake is our online learning. Our multimedia team can design an online module or course that will complement our hands-on education or standalone, which can be utilised by your new joiners or anyone who missed the training session.

The best part is that we start by consulting with you on what your aims and goals are and then work with you to provide a solution that provides you the greatest impact at the lowest cost.

For more information about how Tiberone can help you with your Education requirements, please contact us.