Business Systems Integration

It is no longer "good enough" for IT organizations to manage only at the component level; business demands require management integration across all the associated tiers to deliver business outcomes.

Tiberone clients have realised and benefitted from Cross-tier integration enabling lower operations costs and tighter business alignment while increasing staff productivity. The legacy manner in which many IT organizations execute enterprise infrastructure management processes is quickly becoming obsolete because the processes are too static, take too long to execute, and lengthen time-to-market cycles.

Tiberone is helping IT organizations to address the core foundational requirements of delivering business services that require visibility across all application and infrastructure tiers Companies are maturing in their approaches toward IT management; they are moving away from silo based approaches toward end-to-end, automated, and integrated IT management solutions and processes that deliver high-quality IT services to business managers.

The Tiberone approach spans all the underlying infrastructure tiers (client, network, server, storage, application, and process) and enables IT organizations to turn standardized processes into procedures that deliver tighter business alignment.

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