BMC Discovery

·      Do you really know what assets you have, where they are, what they support and how much they cost?

·      Are you losing time and money on labor-intensive manual audits?

·      Do you have the information you need to support problem diagnosis and change management?


The Value of Infrastructure Discovery Tools

·      Make IT decisions based on fact, not assumptions

·      Auto-populate the CMDB, avoiding costly manual audits

·      Enable rapid incident diagnosis and resolution

·      Reduce the risk and impact of change

·      Identify redundant equipment and software licenses

·      Ensure license compliance

·      Identify and remove unsupported software and hardware


Establish a comprehensive Asset discovery strategy

One of the greatest challenges in asset management can be in understanding the actual deployed asset inventory, which typically spans a variety of platforms and domains.

Discovery of Infrastructure and Application Topology

Continually discovering the topology of the infrastructure supporting each application is Key. Once you understand how applications are communicating with each other, it becomes necessary to dynamically identify the chain of virtual and physical resources that are supporting an application at a given moment in time, based on continual discovery.



Beschrijving: Improve IT efficiency and reduce costs Improve IT efficiency and reduce costs

BMC discovery automatically discovers data center assets and how they're connected to provide IT staff with accurate and timely data to make better business decisions. Having the right data at the right time improves staff productivity and IT processes like change management; cloud planning, asset management, data center compliance, and business continuity.

Beschrijving: Create application maps—fastLink business services to infrastructure

Application dependency mapping is a critical step toward effective service management, providing the link between business services, applications, and the supporting infrastructure. Decisions on IT priorities and investments are better managed when related to the business value of the services they support. With Atrium Discovery, you'll get a clear picture of how your data center infrastructure supports business services.

Beschrijving: Get useful information within hours Get useful information within hours

For BMC discovery, time to value is the name of the game. Delivered as a ready-to-run virtual appliance—with agentless discovery and broad coverage of operating systems, virtual platforms, and enterprise software—Atrium Discovery delivers out-of-the-box data center discovery in just hours.


Beschrijving: Robust Search and Analytics




Beschrijving: Data Provenance


Beschrijving: Collaborative Application Mapping



  • Restore service faster by replacing dependence on tribal knowledge with reliable configuration and relationship data
  • Minimize change risks by empowering your Change Advisory Board with trusted dependency data to evaluate change impact
  • Reduce software audit prep time and easily prove inventory accuracy to vendors, reducing risk of non-compliance penalties
  • Prevent outages when moving data center assets for consolidation, cloud, and virtualization projects