BMC Remedy CSS – Customer Service and Support

Having supported one of Europe’s largest and most complex CSS implementations for the
last 3 years, Tiberone know only too well the great capabilities of BMC’s first truly customer facing service management tool. We also know the issues around performance and stability when numbers of records grow.

We find more and more CSS customer faced with two major problems…

  • How do I regain stability and performance? Are there archiving, tuning or
    housekeeping strategies that I should be following?
  • What is my roadmap for the next three years? Is CSS going to be phased out?
    Is ITSM 7/7.6 the route to take?

Yes, you can have a stable, high-performance CSS platform.
Yes, we can help you with proven performance management measures
Yes, you can plan confidently to migrate CSS to ITSM
Yes, we can assist with the migration from both a technical and a business transformation perspective

For more information about BMC Remedy CSS, please do not hesitate to contact us.