BMC Performance Manager (formerly PATROL)

PATROL is now BMC Performance Manager

BMC Performance Manager Products allow you to manage the availability, performance, and business impact of your distributed systems environment, including your network and a broad range of applications, databases, and operating systems.

Combined with other BMC products, this enables you to maximize and optimize your IT investment — and run your business more efficiently.

BMC Discovery enriches the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) by automatically discovering People, Business Processes, Applications and IT infrastructure data to provide an up-to-date picture of your IT environment, the people who depend upon it, and the business processes that make up your critical business services.

BMC Discovery includes three discovery capabilities that have out-of-the-box integrations to populate and maintain the BMC Atrium CMDB:

People Discovery – Auto-discovers end users and customers to establish dependencies from people to business processes, applications and IT infrastructure.

BMC Performance Manager provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces costs through the simplification of systems management and the automation
    of repetitive system management activities, thus enabling more systems to be
    managed by fewer people
  • Improves service quality by proactively addressing imminent problems before they jeopardize service levels
  • Minimizes downtime by shortening problem identification and resolution time to restore service quickly in the event of a failure or outage
  • Increases operational efficiency by automating handoffs among operational teams and disparate work groups and orchestrating the flow of critical information necessary to resolve problems quickly

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