Business Challenge

In today's complex business environment, undetected and unresolved IT and service impacting events can be devastating. Mobile IT personnel are stretched to support expanding infrastructure. Inadequate alerting, manual resolution processes, human error, and inaccurate data contribute to slow, costly and reactive resolution processes. Providing real-time event notification and information to the right person, anywhere, on any device,
and ensuring resolution ownership is the productivity challenge.

Business Need

  • Speed event resolution by ensuring incidents are properly assigned; resolution is coordinated
  • Tie IT events to business users and provide an auditable trail of the event resolution process
  • Inform all affected users of the time-to-fix, completed fix and other appropriate information
  • Eliminate human errors in incident, service, and support processes
  • Increase productivity on the people side of IT

Our Solution

AlarmPoint is an enterprise-grade event notification and resolution system with application in Incident, Support, Service Impact, Event and Continuity Management. AlarmPoint allows you to manage a mobile workforce; intelligently manage and handle events; abstract users from the complexities of notification technologies; and automate the resolution process. AlarmPoint adds intelligent notification, escalation, and remote response capabilities to BMC Software solutions through ready-to-go integrations, letting you proactively avoid service degradation and significantly reduce system downtime.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Create repeatable, structured processes for incident and service management notifications and their ultimate resolution
  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolve with instant, automated, interactive notification and escalation of notifications
  • Increase accuracy of personnel dispatch (right people, right time, right device)
  • Support sophisticated escalation policies, group and rotation associations, and holiday and vacation scheduling
  • Guarantee message delivery with unique find-me, follow-me technology
  • Minimize IT administrative burdens through a self-service, Web-based user interface
    to manage end user schedules, contact and device profiles
  • Reduce system monitoring labor costs

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